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Crimes of dishonesty such as theft can have a devastating impact on your future employment opportunities.  Our criminal lawyers can help.

In Washington State, there are several different degrees of theft. The range of degrees depends on the items allegedly taken and the value of them. Theft charges are crimes of dishonesty and can often make it awkward and difficult when you look for your next job.

You have important legal rights.  If your matter is currently under investigation and the police have contacted you, it’s important to speak with an experienced criminal attorney.  One of your most important rights is your right to remain silent.  Use it.

Tell the officer that you will be happy to speak with her, but you would like your attorney to be present.  Be polite, but firm.  If they take you into custody, do not resist.  Follow all instructions and ask again to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Theft 1° and 2° are felonies while 3° is a gross misdemeanor. All are punishable by jail and fines.

If you were caught shoplifting, often times you will receive a letter demanding money from the store. This is stemming from a potential civil case. When caught shoplifting, you can face two separate cases – the criminal case in Tacoma and the civil case where the store sues you. They can sue you even if they got the stolen property back.

Often the store will order you not to return to the store so it is extremely important that you not return. Often when caught in a store at a mall, the order will cover the entire mall. Be careful not to return to the mall or areas just outside of the mall that may look separate are still actually a part of the official mall designation. If you are caught returning then you can face a criminal trespass charge.

As you can see, there are often a number of complicated issues in play when you are facing a theft charge. Contact our Tacoma theft lawyers for a free consultation on your case so you won’t be caught by surprise.

Don't simply forfeit your freedom or your legal rights without a fight. Our criminal defense lawyers can help!
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