Tacoma DUI Attorneys

Tacoma DUI Attorneys

A DUI arrest feels like the roof just caved in on you.

Our Tacoma DUI lawyers can help.

We firmly believe that every Washington State DUI case can be attacked on some level.

A drunk driving arrest is NOT a conviction.

A DUI conviction carries with it serious consequences. In fact, some serious consequences can occur before you are even convicted!

Upon being arrested for DUI, your license will tentatively be scheduled to be suspended. The suspension will start 60 days after the arrest unless you request a Department of Licensing hearing. That request must be made within 20 days of the arrest. Here is a copy of the hearing request form.


If you do not request the hearing within 20 days, you have just given up your right to fight the suspension. All of this is separate from the criminal case and can occur before you are criminally convicted of anything.

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In regards to the criminal case – a DUI charge is extremely serious and is not to be taken lightly. A conviction has a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. On top of that, there is mandatory jail, license suspensions, ignition interlock penalties, probation, and court costs typically over $1,000. The seriousness of the DUI can vary depending on several different factors:

  • Prior DUI arrests (not just convictions)
  • A Blood Alcohol Content above .15
  • Refusal to take a breath test
  • Having a commercial drivers license
  • Being under 21 years old

We are experienced and affordable criminal defense attorneys who know the Tacoma court system.  Do not hesitate; call our Tacoma offices for a free consultation about your DUI case.

An experienced Washington State DUI attorney knows how to properly review and investigate your drunk driving case.

WHY should you hire an experienced Tacoma DUI lawyer?

  • Get your DUI charges reduced or dismissed
  • State out of jail
  • Remain validly licensed to drive
  • Reduce costs, fines, and other monetary penalties
  • Avoid community service or “Work Crew” (Picking up trash by the side of the road.)

How can a Tacoma Criminal Defense attorney help?

There are many ways to challenge and attack DUI evidence.  An experienced Tacoma DUI attorney understands how to preserve your legal rights and challenge the state’s key evidence.  A thorough understanding Washington’s laws and criminal procedures is critical in mounting a successful Tacoma drunk driving defense.

Filing pretrial motions to suppress evidence: A successful motion will assist your case on may fronts.

Review the maintenance and calibration records of the breath/blood machine.  Many people erroneously believe that these “breath test” machines are always accurate and trustworthy.  In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth. They are made of up of materials deteriorate over time.  In our experience, many people erroneously believe that they machines are like calculators.  They believe that they never produce inaccurate results.  In truth, however, these “breath tests” are based on a number of inaccurate assumptions.

Hire an independent expert or breath/blood analyst to help provide an opinion about no only the validity of the test itself but also whether our client’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was rising.  This DUI defense may help convince the prosecutor or the jury that our clients BAC was actually less than Washington State’s .08 % limit at the time of driving.

Don't simply forfeit your freedom or your legal rights without a fight. Our criminal defense lawyers can help!
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