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Crimes with allegations of domestic violence are often complicated. These typically include cases of assault, harassment, malicious mischief, protection order violations.

Most people think domestic violence (DV) is simply an assault between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. However, DV actually is much broader than that. It categorizes any crime (not just assault) between family or household members.

Family and household members means spouses, domestic partners, former spouses, former domestic partners, adult persons who live together or used to live together and had a dating relationship, and people who have a biological or legal parent-child relationship, which includes step children and grandchildren. So examples of DV can be between two boyfriends or two girl friends and can be between a step mother and a step son.

As previously stated, other crimes besides assault can receive the DV designation. For example, if a person harasses a prior boyfriend or girlfriend, that person can be charged with DV harassment or if the person intentionally damages an ex’s belongings, the person could be charged with DV malicious mischief.

No matter what the underlying charge is, when it is categorized as DV, it is especially important to have a knowledgeable attorney handle the situation. A DV conviction can result in very serious repercussions, including loss of fire arms, court ordered classes, and no-contact orders.

In fact, no-contact orders are normally issued at the beginning of cases which can severely impact one’s life if they still need to or want to interact with the other party. A no-contact order means absolutely no contact. This is beyond simply physical contact.

This would include no phone calls, no emails, no text messages. If the two people were living together at the time of the incident, then the person being charged with the crime would have to move out and find somewhere else to live. With facing repercussions like these by just being charged, it is important to contact an experienced domestic assault attorney.

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